Types of porcelain for floors

Are you looking to renew the floors of your home? If so, you came to the right place. Porcelain tile floors are an excellent choice for decorating your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and many other home environments. What you need to know is that porcelain tiles for floors have certain characteristics, different finishes and other extremely important factors to […]

How to save electricity at home?

High monthly electricity bills are a factor that affects several homes, generates discomfort and has a series of consequences that can affect your pockets. But do not worry! There are certain simple actions that you can take at home to prevent this problem from slowly consuming you. For this reason, we want to give you a hand. In this article, […]

How to paint a wall in 8 simple steps

If the time has come to remodel the rooms of your house and you are thinking of giving them a new style, then latex paints are the ideal alternative for you. What is latex paint and why is it recommended for home environments? This is due to the fact that it dries quickly (compared to traditional paints), it is composed […]

Learn how to use a drill in 5 steps

Having a drill at home is more than necessary to use it for all kinds of domestic work without having to call an expert. By learning to drill, you can make everything from holes in the wall to hang pictures to assembling furniture and much more. If you still don’t know how to use a drill, don’t worry! because here […]

Difference between melamine and mdf. Which one to choose for your furniture?

In the first instance, both melamine and MDF are very similar, since both boards are made from compressed wood fibers that are used in furniture manufacturing processes and are also an excellent alternative to wood because they are more economical and are a material with excellent resistance. Although they are materials with similar characteristics, they have certain differences. Next, we […]

6 differences between porcelain and ceramic

If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, kitchen, living room or other rooms in your home, the floors will be an important point that you should consider to give it the best style. In recent years, two of the floors that are in trend and that are preferred by many decorators are ceramic and porcelain tiles. Because? It is […]

Learn how to choose an electric shower heater

Starting the day with a hot bath is a great way to feel more active, clean and refreshed. Even more so when the winter days are about to arrive, since the temperatures drop several degrees and everyone wants to stay as warm as possible. For this reason, the hot springs take on an increasingly important role. Electric shower heaters will […]

How to install an electric shower?

Winter days are getting closer, so having an electric shower will be an excellent alternative for you and your family to start the day as comfortable as possible. Unlike electric water heaters or gas heaters, electric showers do not require water storage. Therefore, it is extremely easy to adapt one in your bathroom and its installation is easier than it […]

Laminate flooring installation in 10 simple steps

Thinking of renovating the floors of your home? If so, laminate floors are an excellent alternative to make the rooms in your home more beautiful, modern, and resistant. Also, its manufacturing materials and technology provide you with a series of unmatched benefits and it will be safe for everyone in your home. And not only that! Unlike ceramic and porcelain […]