5 tips to build your home office

Thinking of turning a home space into your office? If so, you came to the right place. Finding the ideal space is not enough to place a desk and a chair, but, according to experts, it must have certain aspects that favor your work performance. Finding office furniture, office chairs and desks for work also requires dedication to find the […]

4 best tips to save space at home

Whether you have a large or small house, the lack of space is usually a very recurring theme for many. In fact, who would not like to have a few more meters to spare to place more items and make the most of their storage? In fact, taking advantage of the spaces in your home will allow you to have […]

Decorative vases: How to choose the right one?

Vases are par excellence, one of the most important decorative elements in the house since they provide warmth, aesthetics and style in a large part of its environments. That said, they are versatile, flexible, and elegant pieces that you can place in bedrooms, offices, living rooms, and even dining rooms. In addition, they have the function of preserving all kinds […]

5 Paint Colors for Bedrooms 2023

If you are remodeling your home and the time has come to choose the colors for the walls, you have to keep in mind that it is not a decision that is simply based on the style or tastes of a person. If not, there are certain factors that you must previously consider so that your choice is appropriate. Especially […]

7 ideas for organizing small bathrooms

Today, it is increasingly common for the spaces of the environments in houses and apartments to be smaller. This is mainly due to the fact that the square meter has been rising in price in recent years, which causes a large group of people to choose to buy or rent smaller homes. This trend means that the space that one […]

How to choose the perfect living room rugs?

Carpets are a very important element in our homes, this is because they not only play a decorative role but also add functionality to our environments. From an aesthetic perspective, it is an element that stands out and gives warmth and color. From the functional aspect, it helps thermal comfort, isolating us from the ground and preserving it. Don’t know […]

16 models of wooden doors that you will love for your home

Wood is one of the best materials par excellence for your door. This is because it stands out for its versatility since it not only serves to provide great decoration and aesthetics to your home, but also brings many benefits such as durability, dimensional stability, thermo-acoustic resistance and many others. Likewise, thanks to its beautiful finishes, you can make thousands […]

Types of spotlights: what they are and how to choose them

Do you need to buy new lights for your home? If so, in this article we will explain all about the most common types of light bulbs, their main characteristics and the most important factors to take into account to choose the best ones. Whether you are changing the bulbs in your home or it is your first time buying, […]

How to assemble a Christmas tree?

Christmas 2022 is about to arrive and at Promart.pe we have everything you need to decorate your home with the best style this year-end holidays. And what better way than to go ahead with the assembly of the Christmas tree with your family one of these days. We know that putting together a Christmas tree is not an entirely simple […]