7 ideas for decorating office desks

If you are working from home or have already returned to the work office and want to learn how to organize and decorate your desk to feel in a comfortable environment, this article is for you.

A complete turn in the decoration could be motivating for you and will improve your performance. So, are you looking to add a little creativity to your desktop? Stay calm! Because here we will tell you some tips and recommendations so that you can turn your office into the ideal place to work, study and motivate yourself.

How to organize and decorate my desk?

The decoration of your desk of your office desk is essential to ensure a better work performance. For what is this? In general, a comfortable environment where you feel comfortable will keep you motivated to complete all your day-to-day tasks.

For this reason, we will show you below 7 ideas to decorate your desk:

1. Choose the main color of the desk

According to the result you expect to obtain, choose the most convenient one. For example, if you want to drill into a particular material such as concrete, wood, metal, or some other, it is best to purchase a specific type of drill bit. But if you are going to screw, the indicated thing is to use a tip.

2. Small ornamental plants

Small plants are easy to fit on a desk. They are not only excellent decorations, but also some of them do the job of purifying the air in your office, they bring life to your desk, they give you peace of mind and lots of color. Depending on how much light enters your office, you can choose the plant that you like best.

3. Hang your favorite photos, pins and whatever you want

In general, office desks have empty spaces that you can take advantage of to place some things. Select one of them to put what you like the most, it could be family photos, your favorite pins, letters and much more. We recommend that you be careful about overloading each space on your desktop, as it could be a distracting or even uncomfortable element.

4. Have a cork board to organize and take notes

Like the previous idea, an excellent way to decorate your desk is to take advantage of some spaces in the office, such as a wall that is next to it. What could you place in that space and why is it practical? Not only is it good because it means you don’t overload your desk furniture with things, but you could also take advantage of it to put a cork board.

In this you can include notes, notes, calendars and more things that help you organize so you don’t miss anything. It is super practical to use and you can find the one you like the most here.

5. Decorate with stationery that you use the most

Do you use a lot of office supplies or other accessories in your day to day? Then it will be necessary that you have them on hand on a shelf, box or in the place that you like the most. Remember that order is essential, it is not about putting everything in a drawer or in sight, but about giving it a creative and practical space so that you can find them as easily as possible.

6. Install organizers

Organizers such as shelves, filing cabinets, boxes, and others are essential to keep your desk tidy, clean, and organized. Can you imagine not finding an important document, taking a long time to find a book or something useful? That will only waste time and decrease your performance. For this reason, we invite you to know and choose your organizers here.

7. Light up your space

A strategically lit space will be essential for your work performance. Because? Because good lighting prevents eyestrain, increases your concentration and keeps you awake to meet your daily goals.

Is it necessary to change all the lighting in an office? If the decoration of your work environment is not up to you, you could get modern desk lamps and other types of lights that will decorate your space and improve your work performance.

Just as we highlight the importance of decoration, order and organization is also essential. So how should I organize my desk? Take note and follow these tips to keep it tidy:

  1. Get rid of unnecessary things: Take note of the supplies, materials or other things that you use the most and put aside those that you don’t to keep your desk clean.
  2. Don’t overload your desk with things: More is not always better. As much as you put items you like, overloading your desk could affect your comfort and performance.
  3. Have few things of yours: Although we recommend you put photos or other personal ones, avoid having too many of them as they could be distracting elements that only affect your performance.
  4. Keep your desk clean: Cleaning goes hand in hand with order and this goes hand in hand with organization. Do this task at least once a week to turn your space into a neat place.

Don’t stop repeating this! As time goes by, your desk often accumulates more things, becomes cluttered and needs maintenance. Therefore, putting these tips into practice will ensure that everything is in order.

What to buy for the desk?

Now that you have taken note of the ideas to decorate it, you surely need to know what office stationery you need to make your ideal space a reality. Know which ones will help you in this list:

  • Cork and acrylic board
  • office stationery
  • lamps or lighting
  • office desk organizers
  • Desk chairs or gamer chairs
  • Adhesive notes
  • Pictures and photos

Don’t let any get away! Find the one that you like the most, need and that suits your needs.

Where to buy a desk?

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