15 gift ideas for Father’s Day 2022

June is dad’s month and we know that preparing now will allow you to organize something nice for his special day and give him the best gift you can. For this reason, we want to give you a hand so that nothing escapes you and you can organize yourself with your family.

In this article, you will learn everything about Father’s Day and we will recommend the best gifts according to his personality. Do you want to know everything? Find out this and more below!

When is Father’s Day in Peru 2022?

In Peru, as in most Latin American countries, Father’s Day is celebrated on Sunday, June 19, 2022 . The date may vary depending on the year, but in certain countries it was defined to be celebrated every third Sunday of March.

Why is Father’s Day celebrated?

This Father’s Day is celebrated in order to thank all the effort and love of parents, showing it through gifts, breakfasts, lunches and more. It was held for the first time on June 19, 1910 in the state of Washington, United States. However, it was not until the 1970’s that the holiday began to take hold and became official, after a series of long debates, during Richard Nixon’s tenure in 1972 as a holiday.

Likewise, many other records and stories show that this special day has been celebrated since previous centuries, however what happened in the previous paragraph gives us a more exact detail of its current origin.

The 15 best gift ideas for Father’s Day 2022

Now that you know a little more about Father’s Day, it’s time to organize yourself so that you can thank all the love he gives you and do something special for his day. For this reason, we have prepared a list with the best gifts for Father’s Day, according to his personality and style. Meet them!

barbecue dad

1. Grills

If your dad is one of those who enjoys preparing the best meats on the grill, Chinese box or cylinder, drinking a good wine and being accompanied by friends and family, these will definitely be an excellent alternative. Discover the model that you like the most, according to the meats that you often prepare, so that it will be of great help for your next meetings.

adventurer dad

The outdoors, sports and adventures are usually activities that many people enjoy and invest several days or moments to do them. Therefore, if your dad is one of those who loves to make them, these gifts could be an excellent alternative for them.

2. Terraces

For anyone who likes gardens or good views and who has an outdoor space at home, a terrace set will be a gift that they will fully enjoy. Can you imagine spending a family day on your terrace while enjoying a family lunch? If you think your dad would do it, then find out all the elements for terraces that we have for him.


If you enjoy long walks through new places and with views of the beautiful landscapes of Peru, then nothing like giving you good outdoor camping equipment so that you can make the most of your days of adventure. For this gift, we recommend you evaluate what kind of walks you do and what places so that you can find the ideal accessory.

4. Bicycle

The bikes are for all those people who want to play sports, explore new routes or simply avoid the traffic of everyday life. Therefore, in case you know that your dad wants to start going out with his friends on a bicycle or commuting to work, you could consider giving him a new one so that he can enjoy maximum comfort and safety when moving. Discover all the models, brands and accessories here!

builder dad

This type of personality defines that father who has a hobby to maintain everything in the house, any type of repair that is necessary and installations. Therefore, if you think your dad belongs to this group, we have prepared a list with the following gifts.

5. Tools

If your dad is one of those who is aware of everything that happens at home and loves to make repairs rather than call someone else to do it, then tools will be an ideal gift for them. Here’s a list of the most notable types of tools your dad might enjoy:

  • portable power tools
  • stationary power tools
  • Power Tool Accessories
  • Manual tools

And more! Discover here the complete catalog of tools that Promart.pe has for you and choose the one that best suits your dad’s needs.

dad cook

Nothing like eating at home with the family, even more so when mom or dad prepare the best dishes of food. In this case, if your father enjoys preparing weekend lunches and the latest in home technology, then we have 2 gift ideas for him.

6. Electric home

Any appliance that allows the preparation of the best dishes, in a simpler and more professional way, will be the perfect gifts for Father’s Day. For this reason, at Promart.pe we have a wide catalog for you with the latest in home appliance technology so that you can find the ideal one for your dad and surprise him on his special day.

Get to know all the electrohogar products here!

7. Kitchen

If your dad enjoys cooking at home, he will need everything in the kitchen to be organized, clean and well stored. How can they achieve that? At Promart.pe we have a wide catalog of kitchen products that will help your dad enjoy what he likes the most:

  • Kitchen furniture
  • kitchen organizers
  • Household
  • Cookware
  • Kitchen sinks and taps

And many more! Get to know them all and choose the day for your father here.

businessman dad

This type of personality defines those parents who have their own business, work from home and if they like the best in comfort for work. Next, we tell you what gifts would be ideal for him.

8. Desks

Choosing the ideal desk for dad is a task that will require you to evaluate the following 3 factors: the time he is working, the items he needs to file or store, and his style. Take them into account and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Once these points have been evaluated, you should know the extensive catalog of desks that Promart has for you here so that you can choose the ideal model and size.

9. Office chairs

Added to the desks, an excellent complement for the comfort of the parents when working will be that they have the appropriate office chair. There are different models and types of chairs that will provide different comfort, so you must evaluate which one you need according to your preference.

Also, don’t forget to review our gamer chairs and find the one that best suits your father’s needs.

tech dad

In case your dad is a technology lover and is constantly looking for the latest electrical gadgets, then the following gifts could be appropriate to pamper dad on his special day.

10. Speakers

Listening to the best songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s and today requires having the latest sound technology. Therefore, what better than to give the best brands and models of speakers for Father’s Day, such as:

  • logitech speaker
  • Samsung speaker
  • JBL speaker
  • sony speaker
  • LG speaker
  • Xiaomi speaker

And many more at the best price only at Promart.pe!

11. Cell phones

Every year, the most prominent smartphone brands renew their cell phone models, including the latest technology to offer you the best. Therefore, if your dad saw a model that caught his attention or you think there is a suitable one for him, we leave you the list of the best smartphone brands that Promart.pe has for you:

  • samsung mobile
  • Xiaomi cell phone
  • apple mobile
  • huawei phone
  • Motorola cell phone

Evaluate which one best suits your needs and choose it at the best price!


Laptops are necessary work tools to fulfill all the tasks that a person sets out to do. And now, as of the coronavirus pandemic, the home office has been installed and plans to be an alternative that will remain for many more months. For this reason, giving dad the best laptop so that he can work from home and do all his activities will be an excellent gift.

Find the best models and brands of laptops in the wide catalog that Promart.pe has for you at the best price:

  • HP-laptop
  • lenovo laptops
  • asus laptop
  • Dell-laptop
  • acer laptop
  • apple laptop

13. Televisions

Does your dad enjoy the best series, movies, concerts and more from his TV? Then giving him a Smart TV will be a great gift that will allow him to fully enjoy what he likes the most.

At Promart.pe you can find the latest technology for televisions, such as OLED, QLED, 4K, 8K, UHD and more from the best brands, such as:

  • Samsung TVs
  • LG TVs
  • TCL TVs
  • sony tvs

And many more brands at the best price online and in the size you want!

sports dad

Finally, if your dad is a sports lover or wants to start doing physical activity from home, we have gift ideas for him. Meet them below!

14. Gym machines

Gym machines are ideal devices for playing sports without having to leave home, becoming an excellent alternative for your dad now that everyone has to take care of their health. At Promart.pe you can find the most outstanding products:

  • treadmills
  • elliptical
  • stationary bikes
  • abdominal machines
  • mini gyms

Find them at the best price and surprise dad on his special day!

15. Dumbbells and barbells

Unlike gym machines, dumbbells and barbells are smaller workout items that you can easily move around at home. In addition, they allow you to work other parts of the body and have other training routines. Discover all the models we have for you!

  • dumbbells
  • Russian weights
  • Sets of weights and plates
  • barbells
  • Sports anklets and wristbands
  • Bulgarian sacks

Now that you know what gift is the ideal for Father’s Day, depending on his personality and type of hobbies, are you ready to pamper him with the best products? Don’t forget to ask your mom or other siblings if you have any questions about what gift you can buy!

Remember that at Promart.pe you can find all the aforementioned products at the best price online and with incredible offers for Father’s Day. Meet them all here!