11 gifts for mother’s day 2022

Mother’s Day is about to arrive and Promart.pe has what you need to have an excellent day! On this special date, we want you to celebrate in a big way and have a nice family day. Therefore, we have something for you.

We know that this date is special for all Peruvians, but we also understand that getting the ideal gifts for mom is usually a difficult task that will require your maximum effort to find what makes her happiest.

So if you still don’t know what to give your mother for her day, in this article we will give you a hand. For this reason, we have created a list with the best 7 gifts for mother’s day that are in trend and that could be an excellent alternative for them. Find out what they are below!

When is mother’s day 2022?

First, let’s learn a little about this day. May is the month of mothers, since every second Sunday of May we celebrate their special day. This 2022, Mother’s Day will be on Sunday, May 8.

In Peru, that date was determined after the students of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos made a proposal and claim for Mother’s Day to be celebrated. Being the year 1924 where the celebration was approved and began every second Sunday of May.

How did it originate in the world? The celebration of Mother’s Day dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, who held huge festivals to honor different goddesses, such as Rhea, who was known as the mother of the gods.

11 gift ideas for mother’s day 2022

Definitely, knowing what to give a person involves a series of factors: knowing how they are, what their tastes are, what things they need or need and what could make them happy. For this reason, we want to give you a hand with some of the gifts that are in trend taking into account the type of personality that defines your mother. Keep reading!

tech mom

Is your mom one of those who loves having the latest technology to enjoy her favorite activities and be more comfortable? If so, we believe that this list of products will be an excellent option for them:

1. Televisions:

If series, movies and more content are your passion, then a television will be a good gift. Find the ideal at incredible prices in the model, size and in the best brands such as: Samsung, LG, Sony, AOC, Hisense, TLC and more.

2. Smartphones:

Have you had the same cell phone for a long time and are thinking of changing it? So, you can surprise her with the best smartphone brands that the extensive Promart.pe catalog has for you. Find the latest models, those that are in trend and the best brands such as: Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, Motorola and many more at the best price online.

3. Smartwatches:

If your mom does many activities at the same time, needs to train several times a week and must be alert to notifications from her cell phone, a smartwatch will be the ideal gift for her. These electronic devices not only tell the time, but are also connected to the internet and others are synchronized with a cell phone, allowing her to receive notifications, listen to her favorite songs and always be connected.

Find the ideal smartwatch from the best brands such as: Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, Hands Up and many others at the best price to surprise mom.

4. Washing machines:

If your mother is in charge of housework or has little time to do it, the latest technology in washing machines will be an excellent alternative to save time, money and much more.

What does this technology refer to? Brands like Samsung, LG, Bosch, Indurama, Mabe and others have implemented certain attributes in their washing machines, such as fast, efficient washing and others. If you want to learn more about this, we invite you to read our article «Best washing machine brands: How to choose the ideal one?».

sports mom

In the event that your mother is active, loves to train during the week and wants to be healthy, the sports machines that Promart.pe has will be ideal for them. Find out which ones we recommend below:

5. Treadmills:

As you well know, treadmills are great for people who train or want to train, but don’t have enough time or a place close to home to run. Find the ideal one for your mom and surprise her with one of these for her day.

6. Ellipticals:

Elliptical machines have excellent benefits for everyone who practices or wants to practice sports. Because? Because it improves cardiovascular endurance, it helps prevent disease, strengthens the middle and lower body, and works the abs. All this makes it a great gift for mom.

7. Stationary Bikes:

Not only do they help with weight loss, but they’re great for stress reduction, leg strengthening, and more. Stationary bikes are an ideal option for those moms who have little space at home and little time to go out to train. Find the ideal in the material and design you want.

mom chef

If your mom enjoys cooking, loves to prepare the best dishes or doesn’t have much time to do it, we have prepared a list of appliances that will make this work easier and help her make the dishes she cooks the most delicious:

8. Air Fryers:

The fashionable appliance. Air fryers or air fryers are devices that cook without the need to use oil and in minutes, which makes it an excellent alternative for preparing healthy food in a short time. Learn more about them in our article “What is an air fryer”.

Its use is simple and semi-automatic, so if your mom needs to perform several tasks at the same time, it is not necessary for her to be constantly aware of the cooking of the food. Find them in the best models and brands such as: Oster, Imaco, Philips and more at the best price.

9. Refrigerators:

Storing fresh food at home to prepare the best dishes requires a large and modern refrigerator. If your mother has had the same one for years and needs to renew it, you can find the ideal refrigerator at Promart.pe with incredible offers on the best brands such as: Samsung, LG, Mabe, Indurama, Bosch, Electrolux and more at the best price online.

Do you need to know more about these to choose the best one? Discover everything you need in our article “The 5 best refrigerator brands of 2022”.

10. Microwave:

Winter is coming and warm food will be like a hug that will keep you at a good temperature, so microwaves are a smart gift option for mom and everyone at home. Find the ideal model at incredible prices and from the best brands: Samsung, LG, Oster, Electrolux and more.

11. Dining Sets: Save

Last but not least, dining sets could also be a good gift for those moms who love to give their home a great style with the latest trends and designs. These come in different sizes, colors and models to adapt them to your home and have lunch with the family.

So, do you dare to give your mom any of the items mentioned? As we explained to you, the most important thing will be that you know her lifestyle and the tastes that she has to define which one will be the most appropriate. And if you were not satisfied, we invite you to discover the wide catalog of products that Promart online has so that you can choose the best.

We wish you a happy mother’s day!